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More barnyard animal abuse

“What I saw on the tape, I still can’t believe…Always [going] to the same animal. On the tape, he was [going] to the same animal performing sexual acts.””
— St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau, after reviewing the activities going on in a St. Gabriel barn

Paul emailed me this with the subject line: Attention Sen. Santorium – We need you here! Tony Soprano’s favorite senator, Little Ricky, needs to be aware of this bestiality case of the week, which occurred in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

A seventeen-year-old was caught on tape assaulting a horse; the owner of the barn set up two cameras after “sexual paraphernalia” was found in the stall. It didn’t take long before the crime against nature were captured on video, with this sick guy going to the same stable each time, in sexual acts with the same horse. Argh, thank goodness I haven’t eaten lunch. (WAFB-TV):

WAFB 9NEWS: Image from Surveillance Tape; Suspect’s Face Blurred

The juvenile, who is under age 17, is being held in the Iberville Parish Juvenile Detention Center. Authorities said Thursday they were trying to get psychiatric help for the juvenile suspect. Detectives say they received a tip from someone who saw a WAFB 9NEWS report in which still frames from a surveillance tape were broadcast Wednesday night. The tipster said they believed they recognized the young man shown on the tape, detectives said.

St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau says in all his 20 years in law enforcement, he’s never come across a case like the one. “We gotta catch this guy, he needs help,” Ambeau said Wednesday, when he first released the tape to the media.

Paul: “This just goes to show you that us guys will stick it into anything that moves, and some things that don’t.”

By the way, the TV station felt the need to add a note to the piece:

WAFB 9NEWS carefully reviewed the circumstances regarding this case before deciding which course of action to take in our reporting. The St. Gabriel Police Department requested that we air the video, or portions of it, in hopes of identifying a suspect in its on-going investigation into an alleged case of bestiality involving a man and a horse. WAFB 9NEWS decided not to broadcast moving video clips that appear to show the man and horse together. Instead, we included only still frames from the videotape in hopes that someone would be able to recognize the man shown in the videotape. The still frames we selected for our report do not show any situations in which the male appears to be in direct contact with the animal. We realize the very sensitive nature of this story, and because of that, we chose to air this report only in our late evening newscast, at 10pm Wednesday.

Other recent stories of our fellow citizens with a BIG problem:
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* Mesa, AZ fire battalion chief caught with his pants down in a barn assaulting a lamb
* Gig Harbor, Washington State: man dies while having sex with a horse on a farm

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