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I am officially old. I just picked up my new glasses today, they are my first pair of bifocals.

The strange thing is that I am terribly nearsighted (i.e., I cannot see for distance), wearing glasses since I was six. I’m talking really bad — like -8.00 in both eyes, thick lenses. I had no idea that eventually I wouldn’t be able to see things close up either. Sigh.

The moment of truth occurred during my last trip to NYC. I was sitting around the table after dinner with a bunch of my relatives, and my cousin handed my a box of something, I think medicine, and I went to read the label and I couldn’t focus enough to read the tiny type on the package. One of my other cousins handed me his reading glasses, you know, the cheapees you pick up at the drug store. I put them on and eureka — I could read it. I was bummed.

When I returned to NC, I had my eyes examined and yes, it was time. So here I am, with stylish progressive lenses. Will I ever get used to seeing out of these things?

I’m still blind as a bat without my glasses, but at least I’m not crippled by the fine print on a bottle when I have them on.

Anyone else out there traumatized when you learned you needed bifocals? How old were you when it you got the news that you needed them? 🙂

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding