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Henry the Hawk gets a makeover Posted by Picasa

Oh dear. I see that Special Ed has decided to wear the 101st Fighting Keyboarder nom de cluck with pride (with a suitably faux-butch logo), which reminds me of the fact that I should have trademarked the fucker back in the day. Now a gaggle of NoticeMe!NoticeMe! bloggerettes are signing up so that Captain Ed will link to them and, oh the sweet smell of Pajamaline cash that may someday also be theirs. Fame! Fortune! Attention! Glenn Reynolds touching their manboobs.

You have to appreciate the genius of it all, taking a derogatory term and turning it into something to be proud of. Unfortunately it doesn’t always pan out, such as when the Catholic Church handed out those AltarBoy Rapist patches to all of the priests. But then the Vatican never has quite understood the value of focus group testing. Live and learn.

In Friends With Money, fashion designer Jane (Frances McDormand) is in a restaurant with her husband and he points out a woman at another table wearing something from her line and remarks how beautiful it is, to which she replies, “Yeah. But she looks like shit in it.”

You got that right.

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