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You Spin Me Right Round…


There are times when a comment just reaches up a grabs me.  This one from Immanentize distills the entire Babs Comstock/Scooter Libby/Karl Rove/WH spin cycle into a nutshell of clarity.

The spin, as I have before theorized, is to keep the country from believing that Rove is beyond a doubt, without a question, guilty. The spin is not aimed at Fitzgerald, but at you (and me and every other citizen) via the media “news/commentariat.” Like you say, “Who cares if it doesn’t effect legal outcome?”

Well, if this can be put off just about six more months, then the President (post-election) will be able to issue pardons. If the Republicans retain control of Congress, then the current spin will help them go out and support the pardons:

“This is an investigation that has gone on too long and produced very few results. We know less now than we did when the entire issue arose. I applaud the President in putting an end to this costly and unproductive process.” And as we all know, that is the civil version.

If Dems take control of one or both houses, the current spin and confusion still allows the President (who will be the lamest of lame ducks in history) to still make that same argument and the vast majority of people will agree. They will know something is fishy, but they will be happy to have that investigation — which is just so darn confusing — behind them.

So, the spin is for the Winter 2006 pardon strategy. Hence, Comstock’s involvement at every turn.

So you see the Rover stall, stall, stall maneuver from last fall through a bit less fog, and the entire Libby defense fundraising mechanism in much more sunshine.

But as Booman puts it so well, all the spin in the world doesn’t make a skunk smell like roses.

I can talk for three and half hours about a lot of things: baseball, history, music. But I can’t talk for three and half hours about a conversation I claim not to remember. Rove wants this story to be about Matt Cooper, Viveca Novak, and his lawyer but it appears he got grilled on a variety of subjects.

You know, there is only so much pig lipstick to go around…and this is one pig that has gotten one too many makeovers to make it plausible any longer.  (Kind of like Joan Rivers.  But I digress.) 

Whatever spin game Rover and his pals are playing — and whatever their endgame strategy of the moment — you can bet that the 2006 elections are a big, big factor in all of it.   That and saving the collective ass of the GOP, since Bushie and Rover and their malignant cabal of mercenary smarm merchants have driven our nation into the ground the last five years, sacrificing our principles and our collective reputation for crony profits and personal agendas.

Stall, stall, stall…and hope for no oversight if they can somehow manage to keep the Democrats from taking over one or both houses of Congress.  That’s the mantra.  Because if Congress ever got off its bloviated Rubber Stamp Republican ass and started doing its job — turning over all the rocks to see what’s been festering in the darkness all this time — there might not be enough sunlight in the whole wide world to take care of what needs disinfecting.

(Speaking of disinfecting, I had to post a link to this story about defense contractors providing Duke Cunningham — and potentially other members of Congress and staffers — with limos, hookers and hotel suites.  Oh yeah, I got yer family values party here.  Hat tip to Atrios on this one.  Blergh.  I need clorox for my brain now.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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