“Here’s the unmentionable secret: Racism isn’t that big a deal any more. No sensible person supports it. Nobody of importance preaches it. It’s rapidly becoming an ugly memory.”
— newly minted Bush shill Tony Snow, on an October 2003 edition of Fox News Sunday

Bush’s new press secretary is an expert on racism in America. No wonder he fits in so well at the White House.

I wonder if he’s even heard of this bit of business — Dillard’s salon: kinky hair harder to clean

I dug back in my hair files for fun. How about these nuggets, Tony?

* Dreadlocks don’t cut it at St. Louis bar. The Cheshire Inn denied entry of two men into the bar because of their dreadlocs. Jack Lueders, president of the corporation that operates the Cheshire Inn said:

You can’t wash that hair, and it stinks, and we’re a crowded bar, and we don’t want stinky people in the bar,” he said, explaining the policy. “If you look nice and you’re obviously clean, nobody’s going to go up and smell your hair.”

* Judge Upholds Public School Ban on Cornrows. U.S. District Court Judge Scott O. Wright in Kansas City, Missouri upheld a long-standing rule imposed by Boonville High School Coach Richard Smith that prohibits basketball players from wearing braided cornrows during games or practice. No reason is given in the story as to why this particular hairstyle is banned; only that the judge ruled citing federal appeals courts in general have deferred to the authority of the public schools.

* Dreadlock Lockout: The Dallas Police Department is firing employees based on their hairstyles. Two dozen police officers were stripped of their duties last spring when the Dallas Police Department decided to “crackdown” on dreadlock and other unconventional hairstyles. As the author of the opinion piece, Gjared Robinson, says:

The department claims that officers must look authoritative and assume a role of power. I don’t know about most people, but if I were pulled over by an officer, the badge he wears on his chest is all I need to see to know they have the power to arrest and charge me.

* Hair Cuttery Accused of Racial Discrimination. Monica Clark of Capitol Heights and Leslie Mercer of Reston claim in the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, that they were mistreated because of their race repeatedly at several Hair Cuttery locations in the Washington area. In visits to separate stores, they tried to charge them $10 more for services because of their race, or were denied service.

Or let’s get down to brass tacks. What about this:

Burning Cross Left at Home of Interracial Couple on L.I.

We had one here in Durham last year as well.

Glad to see Tony’s on top of the matter. I clearly must be misinformed on the whole race thing.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding