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I was offline most of the day, only on to post entries I had queued up in Blogger early this AM. The day job is somewhat insane, as it is for most regular Joes and Janes who are about to take a vacation of any length — so much to get done so that you can hopefully enjoy yourself while away. You try in vain to ensure that you don’t return to a desk will be piled mile-high with work as payback for taking a few days off. At best, it’s at least a half-mile high, and the emails are out of control.

All I can say is we look forward to having a decent time in Philly. There’s nothing more depressing than scheduling time away from work, getting a petsitter, and doing all the travel rigamarole and it turns out to be more stress-inducing than just staying home.


Anyway, my Blend mailbox was overflowing again when I checked in a few minutes ago, with a heap of emails of continued support for dropping off the Campaign for Jeff Gannon’s Legitimacy panel. I surfed over to John’s pad, to see what other cowdung has hit the fan over this panel, and it appears that the whole thing has reached surreal levels of absurdity that one can only describe — politely — as unfortunate.

The latest twists and turns come from an interview in Philadelphia City Paper with Equality Forum program director Mike LaMonaca, who talks about the panel as if it was supposed to be focused on Gannongate. This is diametrically opposed to the position of the panel moderator, who John and I had numerous exchanges over the weekend, as well as LaMonaca’s own press release just yesterday excoriating John for daring to suggest Gannongate should be a major focus (never mind that my concurring role in this has been mysteriously rendered invisible in subsequent discussion, but whatever).


Now we find out that LaMonaca apparently intended all along that GannonGate be discussed at the panel. From LaMonaca’s interview, it sounds like GannonGate was the only issue that interested him at all from the panel, or at least it was the one most on his mind. And LaMonaca is the guy CREATED the panel in the first place. Bizarrely, he’s also the guy who publicly criticized me yesterday for trying to edge the panel back to what he apparently intended it to be.

Then why did LaMonaca yesterday criticize me for proposing the same thing he advocated in this week’s Philly City Paper – discussing GannonGate as one of the panel topics? Not to mention, this is now clear evidence that the direction of this panel very much changed from where it was only a week or so ago when this article was completed. Why was that? Did Gannon put his foot down? Did a board member or a donor or a Republican in the senior ranks of the Equality Forum flip out? Did the moderator in her ivory tower (she teaches at the Annenberg School) refuse to address that icky sex issue? Growing numbers of questions, and fewer and fewer answers from the Equality Forum on just what the heck is going on here.

As John pointed out in his other post yesterday, we both received emails at points over the weekend from the exec director of EF agreeing with us that Gannongate should be a centerpiece of the panel. The spin cycle is on high, understandably so.

At this point, one can only speculate about what is really going on behind the scenes, but it seems pretty safe to say that ensuring rentboy-cum-cub “reporter” JG/JG’s Campaign for Legitimacy appearance is quite important to someone.

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