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Christian video duping service is under attack by the homos

I kid you not.

Upon being asked to duplicate two pro-homosexual films, Tim Bono of Bono Film & Video politely refused the business, citing his company policy — do not duplicate material it deems obscene, that may embarrass employees or tarnish the company’s reputation, or that is contrary to Christian and ethical values.

But the customer making the request was long-time lesbian activist Lillian Vincenz, who took her complaint to Arlington County officials, asking them to force Bono to duplicate her materials. The county’s Human Rights Commission subsequently began an investigation into the Christian businessman’s actions, even conducting a public hearing to discuss the alleged “discrimination.”

Those actions by the Human Rights Commission, says Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network, may warrant a lawsuit for what he sees a violation of the religious liberties of Christian business owners. He sees the response of Vincenz — a so-called “gay pioneer” in the area who has been promoting homosexual behavior for more than four decades — as an attempt to quash religious freedom. “With the help of Arlington County, this lesbian activist proves that [homosexual activists are] really out to publicly use the power of the government to destroy the religious liberties of decent people,” says Glover.

The county has reportedly decided that Bono’s actions violate Arlington County code that prohibits “discrimination by a public accommodation … on the basis of sexual orientation or perception thereof.” Glover, however, is seeking out business people in the county who would be willing as anonymous plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the county. The county’s involvement, he says, is an “anti-Christian, pro-homosexual witch-hunt” against all businesses in the area. “It’s a heavy-handed threat to turn government against Christians who want to live their lives according to scripture,” Glover adds, offering his thoughts on the potential outcome of the case. “Even if [the homosexual activists] can’t win a case like this on the merits, they’re out to strike fear in the hearts of Christians who want to live according to their faith,” he says.

I don’t know why Vincenz is wasting her time on this small fry. If he turns away all the unholy business out there that violates his pious company policy, his potential customer base will be miniscule.

He should just hang a sign o’ the fish on the door and be done with it.

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