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Southern Baptist faction ready to pull kids from public schools

This threat has been floating around by the Southern Baptist Convention for a while. It looks like another push to give up on the homosexualized school system is in the works. See ya. (365gay):

A group of activists in the Southern Baptist Convention are again calling on the denomination to remove its children from public schools, two years after a similar action was rejected.

The resolution to urge Baptists to develop an “exit strategy” from public schools is co-sponsored by Texas lawyer Bruce Shortt and Roger Moran, a Missouri businessman and member of the convention’s influential executive committee.

Shortt and Moran said they plan to submit the proposal for a possible vote by the convention at its annual meeting in North Carolina in June. The resolution’s release yesterday comes as 56 Baptist pastors and organizational leaders urged denomination members last week in a letter to “speak positively about public education” in response to the movement to pull Baptist children out of public schools.

They also said that it’s wrong for church leaders to urge their congregations to abandon public schools for either home-schooling or private Christian academies. The Shortt-Moran resolution says recent federal court rulings have favored public schools “indoctrinating children with dogmatic Darwinism” and have limited the rights of parents in dictating what schools can teach, including matters on sexuality.

The resolution also says public schools “continue to adopt and implement curricula and policies teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable” and that Christian alternatives to public schools are “desperately needed immediately by orphans, children of single parents and the disadvantaged.”

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