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'How homosexual school clubs offer sex to students'

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She’s baaaaack…. The above is the title of Linda Harvey‘s latest column about the Day of Silence (today) for WingNutDaily.

She works night and day in her organization Mission[ary Position] America to working to stop the Homosexual AgendaTM from taking over the public school system with those evil Gay-Straight Alliances.

The “Day of Silence” in most schools is organized by the homosexual club or “gay-straight alliance” as it is often called. Both GSAs and the Day of Silence are projects of a group called GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. But GSAs are too often disruptive activism – training groups that prop up the homosexual identities of vulnerable kids by fomenting bias against traditional morality, while concealing the grave risks of homosexuality.

…After all, the ACLU usually contends, these clubs don’t discuss or encourage “sex,” but only talk about prejudice and “homophobia.” Officials who might be tempted to eliminate them based on keeping students safe from HIV and the other fruits of high-risk homosexual behaviors are in a bind, because it’s hard to prove these clubs do encourage homosexual activity.

But there’s one connection surfacing that schools and communities should watch: the strong link between the school “GSAs” and community-based “GLBT” youth groups. With little accountability except to the adult “gay” community, there’s no doubt that these offsite youth groups do offer students opportunities to learn about graphic sex and socialize with peers and adults who are active participants in the homosexual lifestyle. And the target age starts as early as middle school.

…The activities at these centers range from help with homework, to games, playing pool, cookouts, parties, proms and lots of “hanging out.” More training in “gay” activism may be a focus, infusing impressionable youth with hardcore attitudes. The kids also get recruited for local demonstrations, and are often encouraged to attend the citywide “gay” pride parade, as well as accompanying adult social events.

There is so much BS in this article; she bleats on and on, each paragraph more ludicrous than the last.

I had to trot over to Freeperland to see what they had to say about the Day of Silence. I know, it was vile and ignorant as usual.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

It’s fine with me if they want to shut up about it for a change. I’m getting pretty sick of their in-your-face militantism. If they’d just shut up about it and not advertise to the whole world what they do in private, they might not feel so discriminated. What a novel idea.

So, they will spend the whole day with their MOUTHS SHUT?…….I doubt it……………especially if they’re GAY………….

Not only do the socially diseased shut their holes, but the other students get to go a whole day without hearing homosexual advocacy.

Our kid’s HS is doing this today. Perhaps the radical homosexuals should be encouraged to extend the day of silence indefinitely.

I can’t wait until the Republicans control the Presidency, the House and the Senate. [Where has this freak been?] Then they will change the way that the ACLU not only sues to destroy the fabric of our society, but they get paid from the govt coffers for doing it. Just you wait, the things that the libs have done to the system over the years will be returned to balance.

How about a year of silence from the little perverts? We could make it an annual celebration.

Just makes me want to shout all day!

The crazy thing here is that the Gay lobby has successfully gotten the Boys Scouts banned from Gov’t facilities. These Gay activities are all being done on the taxpayer’s dime!

Most information about HIV isn’t written for us. We’re afraid to talk to our family doctor – he may tell our parents. So where can you go for help if you’re young and gay? Aha! Here is an unreported problem! The mainstrean media SUPPRESSES any discussion of the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle so these kids never hear that they shortening their lives and putting themselves at risk. Contrast the trumpeting of the problems with smoking and campare how much is said about tne disease ridden gay population.

If a school observes the day of silence in support of the “homosexual rights” fallacy then one can rightly assume that the children attending are being exposed to homosexual agenda propaganda on all the other days of non silence…

I would like to point out that the gay activists have been influencing kids in state run counseling groups, rehab groups, and even juvenile detention facilities. Those I know for sure. I suspect the same is true of children’s homes, at least I know of one big city that took a ten your old black child who lost both of her parents (they died) and they shipped her off to another city to live with two white lesbians. HOW COULD SUCH A THINK HAPPEN?! It makes me sick. Linda did a great job investigating the school situation. I just wanted to make people aware that it goes even further than that. DO NOT let the government have your kid for any length of time if you can help it. If they are arrested and sent away, WATCH OUT. You had better count on deprograming them. If they weaken, they will likely walk out of the facility with all kinds of contact numbers (and vice versa — they WILL be getting calls).

The voice we are not hearing is that of Our Lord

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