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Daddy Dobson signs up two Tennessee legislators

In Tennessee, two anti-gay legislators are leaving elected office to join Daddy Dobson as he takes on the homos in the fight to preserve the sanctity of marriage.

At least you can say these losers are getting off the public payroll and onto the AmTaliban’s. (KnoxNews):

State Sen. David Fowler, R-Signal Mountain, has accepted a job as executive director of the Family Action Council of Tennessee. The group is associated with Colorado-based Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian advocacy group that opposes gay rights.
Eventually Fowler will become a lobbyist for the group, but he said he will have to wait a year to do that because of the new ethics law.

Fowler, Clem.

Rep. Chris Clem, R-Lookout Mountain, is going to serve on the board of the Family Action Group of Tennessee. Both lawmakers announced earlier this year they wouldn’t seek re-election. Fowler said he plans to move to Nashville for his new job.

Fowler, 47, said one of his top priorities in his new job will be promoting passage of the state Marriage Protection Amendment, scheduled for the November ballot. The proposed amendment, which seeks to ban same-sex marriage, was pushed by Fowler in the General Assembly.

“It will allow me to engage fully in those issues that really brought me to the legislature in the first place without the distractions of all the other things we must do, discuss and debate up here,” Fowler said.

Clem last year sponsored a bill to ban homosexuals from adopting children, which was ultimately defeated in a House committee.

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