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It’s been a long time since Roger Simon theManWhoCreatedMosesWine, has had a book out that made a bump in his career EKG. But one would think that, as theManWhoCreatedMosesWine, he would have a better idea how the publishing industry’s sales numbers work. Roger writes:

Although it underscores what we already knew – that Glenn Reynolds (whose book is selling much better) has remarkable respect in the blogosphere for his integrity and intelligence – I must say I am surprised at the relatively pathetic sales figures for Markos Zuniga’s book “Crashing the Gates.” It could mean one of several things: 1. Kos’ audience has heard it all already; 2. Kos’ audience is not “bookish”; 3. Kos’ audience is not as big as it’s cracked up to be; 4. Kos doesn’t write particularly well; 5. Kos doesn’t have anything new to say. 6. People are tired of all this political blather anyway. (Hinderaker thinks the latter).

I suspect some combo of “all of the above” might be the proper answer. But this dismal response, coupled with a similar response to AirAmerica detailed in the above Drudge link, should give pause to those Dems rejoicing over Bush’s numbers. When it comes to politics these days, the public is not just fed up with Bush. It’s fed up with “all of the above.”

I’ll let Kos tackle Simon’s point about Crashing The Gate:

Bookscan just surveys a sampling of big box retailers, so it’s not a complete market analysis. Merely a snapshot of major retailers (and not even all of them). And it absolutely fails to capture online sales.

So let’s see. The book has been out three weeks. It has sold 5,100 copies of the special edition and 3,630 according to Drudge (if he can be trusted) in a sampling of the big box bookstores.

That’s 8,730 right there. Now throw in the indy bookstores (we’ve probably sold close to 1,000 just in the book signing events I’ve attended), and we’re getting close to 10,000.

Then there’s the online retailers. Currently, CTG is ranked #25 on Amazon.com, and is ranked #5 in the politics category. Through the links at the top of the this page alone I’ve sold 700 copies of CTG.

So to recap — top ranking on Amazon, over 10,000 copies sold in three weeks the book has been out. Distributors have ordered 50,000 copies of the book, which has gone through three printings already (our small publisher can’t afford to do large first printings). And we’re just halfway through our book tour.

And this is somehow supposed to be a failure?

Now I know that the sales figures on Amazon are remarkably fluid. I wrote about The Wages of Fear sometime back and it went fom about #10,000 into the 400’s by the next day and, although I’m a “somewhat popular blogger”, I’m not that popular. However if one were to look at Amazon’s bestseller list tonight you would see:

Glenn Greenwald’s book at #1 (admittedly with a big blog push), Kevin Phillip’s American Theocracy : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21stCentury at #13, and Cobra II, which is no love letter to the administration, at #18. Add to that Tom Tomorrow’s Hell In A Handbasket at #518.

Michelle Malkin? #1,172 Glenn Reynolds? #1049. Hugh Hewitt? #7,300.

It’s almost enough to make a man go ‘heh’.

And for the record, pointing out that John Hinderaker agrees with you on anything is a tacit admission of defeat.

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