You got a nice country. Be a shame if something happened to it…

With only two more years left to pillage the country, empty the treasury into their cronies pockets, and teach anyone who is not a rich white man their proper place in the world, George Bush is making it hard for the Bushies to get it done:

According to the poll, Bush’s approval rating fell by one point from last month to 36 percent, his lowest mark in the survey. But the troubling news for Bush doesn’t stop there: Hart explains that Bush has now spent nine consecutive months at 40 percent or below in the poll, a feat exceeded only by Richard Nixon (13 months) and Harry Truman (26 months).

McInturff adds that it will be difficult for the president to substantially improve his standing, barring an increase in stability in Iraq or some kind of “extraordinary” event taking place.

Trust me, the “extraordinary event” isn’t going to be Jesus returning and teaching George Bush how to turn salt water into gasoline. It’s more of the type of “extraordinary event” where Lame Duck George can step into a phone booth and re-emerge as Captain Codpiece.

Good for him. Bad for everyone else.

Story of his life.

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