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Please don't laugh too hard — 'Conservative Coming Out Day'

‘Conservative Pride’ Celebrated in Sun Devil Country. Arizona State University’s young college Rethugs are so pathetic. Is our culture not already drenched in conservative thought (rolling back as fast as the sheeples’ wallets empty at the gas pump)? How many of these Operation Yellow Elephant prospects have enlisted to serve for Dear Leader yet — any guesses?

The College Republicans (CRs) at ASU have just wrapped up their second annual “Conservative Pride Week.” Last Monday (April 17) the group observed “Conservative Coming-Out Day,” which featured members of the College Republicans and other conservatives coming out of an actual closet to happily proclaim their beliefs without fear of liberals on campus. On Tuesday the CRs held an “Anti-United Nations Day” in which students tossed water balloons at a picture of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

On Wednesday, conservatives celebrated “Border Security Si Se Puede” day in protest of illegal immigration. Thursday was “Academic Diversity and Political Incorrectness Day,” which was highlighted by a speech from conservative author David Horowitz on the topics of academic freedom and his new book, Professors.

Hieu Tran, director of public relations for the CRs, says there is a need for more conservative professors on campus — especially in the political science department.

…Reaction to the Conservative Pride Week has generally been positive, says Tran. “A lot of people are coming up, thanking us for doing this, because they’re going to classes and they’re hearing the other side — but they’re not hearing any of our side, the views of our side,” he explains. “So they appreciate what we’re doing.”

“We’re bringing out issues into the mainstream,” Tran continues. “Also, a lot of liberals and other people in our community are coming up and saying, ‘Well, why are you doing this?’ And we’re just saying, ‘This is for debate.'”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding