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Oh, I DO Believe in Faeries…I Do, I Do


Perhaps it is just my post-Disney vacation hangover, but I think someone has been sprinkling me with karmic pixie dust.  Just a sampling of the news today:

— George Bush sinks to a 24% approval rating in a statewide poll in Connecticut.  (As Atrios says, feel the Joementum.)  (UPDATE:  And what does it say when you slip to 45% in your home state of Texas?  H/T to Bob Geiger.)

— The President attacks high gas prices by…giving big oil a huge bonus.  He suspends environmental regs — and that fits into his public promise to look into price gouging how, exactly?  At least the cronyism is still working well, I suppose.  It does put a crimp in your action plan when everything you do looks like a response to your dismal poll numbers, doesn’t it?  (And Froomkin wins for best headline on this: "Mostly Hot Air on Gas."  Mwee hee.)

— Tony Snow has a history of being loose with the facts.  Ahhh, the Snow Job gets more fun.  (Hat tip to Media Matters and to reader Angie for the heads up.)

Larry Johnson has some thoughts on the Mary McCarthy firing and the CIA/Bush WH.  (The comments to his post are almost as interesting as the post itself.)

— In case you were wondering, Glenn Greenwald’s book "How Would A Patriot Act?" is available for pre-order at Amazon.

— The heart isn’t in McClellan’s tap dance at the podium today.  C-Span is covering today’s presser live right now.

UPDATE:  Some days, you just have to have some Wolcott.  Today is one of those days.  I missed this gem whilst I was on vacation, and on the off chance that some of you missed it as well, I wanted to note it.  "Nun’s ruler of rectitude" hahahaha.

And I somehow forgot to mention that Kenny Boy is enjoying his second day on the stand.  Just FYI.

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