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Late Nite FDL: War for Fun and Profit


Update:  Glenn Greenwald’s book has gone from #50,925 in Amazon sales to #2 #1 in one day.  Thanks to everyone who helped to do this.  That is amazing and if you haven’t pre-ordered a copy you can still do so.

I know that the cable news Final Net contingent is adither on aerosol fumes as they contemplate the chaos of Democrats with subpoena powers come November.  Matt Yglasias and Digby both wisely caution that such investigations need to be prioritized and concerted, and they are both right.

But I’m interested in kicking up a bit of a stink now and using it as a wedge to separate people who genuinely believe in small government from the authoritarian cultists who revel in the spectacle of greed, corruption and excess.  As Digby notes, I’ve been lobbying for the Truman Commission on War Profiteering to be re-convened for a long time.  Dick Durbin has been promoting it (with no success, small wonder) but I just don’t see how it’s a losing proposition for the Democrats.

Everyone who is paying even the slightest bit of attention knows that war profiteers are sucking the life out of the Federal budget and ripping off the taxpayers even as soldiers are stripped of medical benefits and denied adequate armor.   It’s the kind of stuff that makes even the most tight-assed social conservative indignant with rage. Plus the Truman Commission has all those "greatest generation" overtones that speak to responsible oversight and good governance.  I think agitating for it now, even if there is no hope of getting it through the GOP stonewall, at the very least makes Bush force his Congressional sycophants go on the record and oppose it.  No good way to explain that to your constituents in an election year, really.

Toward that end the fabulous Matt O. of The Great Society is going to be working on a series of posts about war profiteers that will start this Saturday afternoon.  He did an amazing research job on the bigotsphere series, and if you haven’t seen the work he did on LGF, check it out — it was a real eye-opener.

And it looks like the notion is picking up steam.  I got to meet Robert Greenwald last week at the Kos party and his new documentary is about — you guessed it, war profiteering.  He told me stories that just about curled my hair.  He officially announced the new film today, so stop by and take a look and help him out if you can, it promises to be both timely and amazing.

The hair spray huffers present the specter of Democrats with subpoena power like they’re contemplating Mothra is on the horizon or something.  I’d rather give people a reason to think Democrats with subpoena power is a really good idea, something the average person will think is worth getting out and casting a vote for.  I imagine this particular prospect would poll remarkably well in the current climate and I can’t think of a more populist cause that will unify people on the left, center and right. 

The only ones left out in the cold will be the people sucking their opinions out of Ken Mehlman’s fax machine and twisting reality out of all comprehensible form as they attempt to justify Fearless Leader’s criminal incompetence.  But what else is new.

Robert Greenwald also wants everyone to know that they can send tips to him at

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