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'GOP Superstar'– the Empty Wig gets pummeled

This N&O; article is a hoot. My senator, Sugar Lips Dole, also serves as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She has been stumping around the country for various scandal-laden candidates, and as far as I can tell, she isn’t doing a damn thing for our state. Actually, she’s having a hard time doing her NRSC work as well, with the quality of folks that she’s showing up to bleat for at rallies.

Take Senator Conrad Burns, for example. He recently received the honor of being named one of the nation’s five worst senators by Time Magazine, and recently had to return the money he received from bed buddy Jack Abramoff.

Burns, who is chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for the Interior, is also under scrutiny from federal investigators. Whatta guy. But Liddy gives it the old college try in her stump speech:

The wind chased clouds of brown dust across the endless Montana landscape, a view so different from the rolling green of North Carolina’s Piedmont.

Volunteers tacked up fluttering banners for a campaign rally, and aides to Montana’s junior senator prepped for the big event — a visit by GOP superstar Elizabeth Dole, senator from North Carolina.

Hours later, she would stand next to Sen. Conrad Burns, a man under attack for his ties to a lobbying scandal, and call him a man of integrity.

There’s nowhere I’d rather be today,” she said into the microphone, a “Conrad Burns” button pinned above her heart. She smiled at her host. “He’s doing such a great job.”

Can you just imagine a tumbleweed blowing by what had to be a sad sack rally, given Burns landed at 38% approval in a SurveyUSA poll.

Dole’s getting scorched for her pathetic performance in support of the 33 Senate races that she is responsible for fundraising and recruiting for.

She failed to persuade top GOP choices to enter races in several key states. And reports filed last week show her committee remains behind its Democratic counterpart in raising money. Dole defends her record, saying that she’s been successful at finding dollars and that the party has outstanding candidates.

“We’re doing well in an environment that’s. … ” She paused. “You know, it’s been a tough environment.”

Despite the demands of the post, Dole insists she is taking care of North Carolina’s business.

“I’m doing everything possible to make sure I’m in the state as much as possible,” Dole said. She was in Winston-Salem on Thursday for the opening of a nonprofit senior center.

She has possibly the worst constituent services on the planet.

To see the level of effectiveness at the NRSC, check out this effort: Yawn. What was that?

Granted, she’s got an impossible job at the NRSC due to the sterling performance of Dear Leader — who’d want to shovel the flaming pile of horsesh*t in Iraq, or explain away the Katrina response or all the scandal-ridden Senators hoping to be re-elected.

That said, it’s been positively hilarious to see Dole squirming over Katherine Harris, who’s running the most ridiculous campaign in Florida against incumbent, Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. The Empty Wig desperately tried to recruit others to run — even courting MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough — but to no avail. Nelson will easily cruise to victory. But Florida wasn’t her only problem…

Recruiting problems began to surface last year. Dole failed to persuade top choices to enter races in North Dakota and West Virginia. And she couldn’t keep a GOP challenger out of the primary race in Rhode Island, hurting incumbent Republican Lincoln Chafee.

In Florida, she couldn’t find any Republicans beyond U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris — she of the hanging chads in the 2000 presidential election — to take on Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. Dole shunned Harris and tried repeatedly to find someone else to run.

…Dole tries to shake off the party’s bad news on the war and approval ratings.

“I’ve said, ‘Put the blinders on. Stay focused,’ ” she said, holding both hands by her eyes. “We know what our goal is.”

Again, look at what kind of crap the NRSC is putting out, from Sugar Lips’s press release on gas prices:

Now Democrats have decided to play partisan politics with gas prices in a flailing attempt to distract from the growing economy. These are the same Democrats who accomplished nothing in terms of an energy policy during eight years with President Clinton at the helm and the same Democrats who voted to increase the gas tax and blocked efforts to repeal or suspend it. These are also the same Democrats who obstructed a bi-partisan comprehensive energy bill for four years in Congress.

We’re closing in on six months until the November election and therefore the other side has begun to ratchet up the scare tactics. Like on so many issues, the Democrats have offered nothing but pessimism and posturing when it comes to responsible energy policies.

Yawn, again. Let’s see, the GOP has no business talking about “scare tactics” when they roll out the gay boogeyman, the brown menace coming over the border, or jack up the terror alert to rouse the foaming-at-the-mouth Base. Please.

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