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Oh how very sad when the trials of war (you know, the one everyone hates) separate true love.

Joementum promised to show up once a month on Hannity’s show, but he’s been AWOL for the past two months.  Why could that be?  And when Mike Stark has called in to the show, Hannity cuts him off at the very mention of his paramour’s name.   Well Mike is not giving up; he’s got a week-long push to put the question to Hannity and force him to make an honest woman out of Holy Joe.  It’s the least we can do, so please go give Mike a "recommend" and help him out at Kos.

Meanwhile there is a very good article on Ned Lamont in the New Haven Register (via My Left Nutmeg):

Only six weeks into his official campaign against the three-term senator, Lamont says he is more than an antiwar candidate, as he talked about his objections to the country’s energy plan he said was written by industry lobbyists and subsidizes drilling by Exxon-Mobil, a policy backed by Lieberman.

"It was wrong for New England and I think wrong for the country," Lamont said.

Lamont said he was also moved to oppose Lieberman around invasion of privacy issues represented by the Terri Schiavo case and warrantless wiretaps advocated by President Bush.

Lieberman has said he does not want to scold the president for what has happened in the past, "but I think you should hold people accountable."

He said rules already in place allow national security wiretaps with court approval.

"You can’t unilaterally just go ahead and say I’m going to interpret the laws as I see fit," he said of Bush. Lamont also backs the censure resolution against the president.

And over at Kos there is a very good diary by Sun Tzu about Ned’s appearance at a party for Markos and Jerome last week; I admit I don’t know who it is that wrote the post but I was there and the description of  Ned is quite apt:

I imagine most are familiar with the phrase `fire in the belly’ when it comes to  candidates for public office. It’s a shorthand way of saying a potential candidate has the gumption, the oomph, the stamina, the willpower, the fortitude, the guts to make the run and endure the endless campaigning, attacks, handshaking, baby-kissing, yadda, yadda. And while fire in the belly is a necessary component of a successful candidate’s make-up, no question, it also has the element of a charging bull to it. A candidate with fire in the belly might, figuratively speaking, run into a brick wall. Repeatedly.

In my experience, though, fire in the belly is not the crucial aspect of candidate assessment. It’s Fire In The Eyes, baby. Fire In The Eyes means a candidate is on a Mission. Yes, from God, as the Blues Brothers told us. Fire In The Eyes is about strategic smarts and `no mercy’. It means a candidate will see the kill shot in a campaign when it opens up and take it without hesitation. Fire In The Eyes means a candidate knows he/she is the `right thing to do’ for voters in the election and the other(s) are not. It has elements of intensity, of justice, of understanding campaign reality and, most importantly, Fire In The Eyes combines the elements of: a) recognizing absolute and total political combat is coming with b) the determintion to prevail under any and all circumstances.

Ned Lamont has Fire In The Eyes, folks. I have no doubt whatsoever about this. He needs a little `spit polish’ here and there, but he’s ready and he’s in it to win. We talked a lot about strategy, positioning and the political environment, the zeitgeist. I’m not going to go in great detail here because that gives too much information to Joementum and his flacks. However, Ned understands what he’s up against and he understands better how to navigate and what to execute campaign-wise. He’s beginning to see potential kill shots, he’s locating them on his radar now, getting targeting coordinates. He knows he must be fearless, relentless. He’s seeing the campaign from a more strategic and psychological view.

His messaging may take a turn, a good one, look for it. It will be about pressure, if it happens. Squeeeeezing Joementum. Ever increasing, unrelenting pressure. Merciless execution to draw out Joementum’s `real self’ for public display. "Tell the truth, Ned. Give the people the truth", I said to him. He’s 10-4, roger wilco on that.

The Lamont campaign is a very serious campaign and inch by inch they are gaining ground on a terrified Lieberman, who is too frightened of Fearless Leader’s 24% approval rating in Connecticut to go spooning with his girlfriend Hannity.  

You can contribute to Lamont here .

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