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Back from SF and Bush plunges lower

“Radical” Russ, Tommy Chong, and Oregon NORML Executive Director Madeline Martinez

I’m back from San Francisco, so let’s see what’s happening.

Hmm, Scott McClellan left his job as White House Spokesman so he could spend more time lying in the private sector.

The DEA pressured the FDA to issue a statement that marijuana has no medicinal value… on 4/20… while NORML is putting on a conference in a major media market and has every major physician and expert on medical marijuana in one place to easily rebut the nakedly political manipulation of science. The New York Times was quick to point out, on the front page, above the fold, that this FDA statement flatly contradicts the 1999 findings of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as the cases of thousands who’ve found relief in cannabis over the last ten years in California’s Prop 215, Oregon’s Measure 67, and the nine other free states with medical marijuana statutes. San Francisco’s local CBS and NBC affiliates both convered the story and made use of NORML experts to refute the charge.

I’m busy writing up the review of the whole conference, which I’ll post as soon as it’s done. Meanwhile, enjoy the latest iteration of the Bush Approval Map.

The map finds The Chimperor picking up some ground in his base in the Intermountain West (but nowhere near as high as previous levels). He continues to lose the South and the Midwest, and the New England states are so far from Bush that I ran out of shades of light blue to color them. New York is down to -48%, and Rhode Island broke -50%, meaning 3 out of 4 Rhode Islanders disapprove of Bush.

[Crossposted at Radical Writ, and read the whole story and see more pictures at Oregon NORML]

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