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The Leaker in Chief’s Double Standard


(guest blog by Taylor Marsh)

The Leaker in Chief can declassify at will, for political purposes, using national security for his own presidential aims, but when a whistleblower releases information that the U.S. government is sanctioning, not only the rendition of prisoners to private horror palaces, but doing so for purposes of torture, that’s not okay. People get the message and it screams out hypocrisy.

John Kerry has been proven right about so many things since the 2004 election, that if the election were held today he’d win in a walk. He was exceptionally clear yesterday on "This Week." Another Democratic party leader on national security, Jane Harman, was equally succinct. The Democrats get what’s going on and after Tyler Drumheller’s interview last night, all of America is starting to catch on too.

"I don’t know this woman, and I do not condone leaks of classified information," said Rep. Jane Harman (Calif.), ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, referring to the firing of Mary McCarthy.

Harman added that "while leaks are wrong, I think it is totally wrong for our president in secret to selectively declassify certain information and empower people in his White House to leak it to favored reporters so that they can discredit political enemies," she said on Fox News Sunday.

Harman was referring to White House staff members disclosing the classified identity of CIA case officer Valerie Plame in 2003.

Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) echoed Harman, saying, "A CIA agent has an obligation to uphold the law, and clearly leaking is against the law. And nobody should leak." But he added: "If you’re leaking to tell the truth, Americans are going to look at that, at least mitigate or think about what are the consequences that you . . . put on that person."


Then drawing a parallel to the Plame case, Kerry said that with McCarthy, "you have somebody being fired from the CIA for allegedly telling the truth, and you have no one fired from the White House for revealing a CIA agent in order to support a lie. That underscores what’s really wrong in Washington, D.C."

Democrats Suggest Double Standard on Leaks
White House Aides’ Actions Are Cited

The issue is really simple. George W. Bush, Deadeye, Libby and Condi think they can leak information any time they want, because of some claim of Republican righteousness that has no basis in reality. However, when other people do it that’s not okay. We get it and know it’s wrong and even the traditional media is picking up our argument. The facts are hard to miss at this point.

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Taylor Marsh

Taylor Marsh

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