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Late Nite FDL: 1000 Days


Meteor Blades on the harrowingly long time we have left: 

Maybe tomorrow, although I don’t have his schedule in hand, he will stand up a week before the third anniversary of "Mission Accomplished," have an epiphany right in front of us and announce that he’s going to do better from now on. No more lying. No more looting. No more pretending. Henceforth, the interests of Americans, first and foremost. Whether it’s better body armor, better levees or the right not to be spied on without due process, he’ll proclaim 1000 days of righteous government by and for the people, with a promise to move toward of the people as well. Perhaps he’ll declare that he’s no longer going to chest-thump in the direction of Iran and initiate face-to-face negotiations instead. Perhaps he’ll tell us how since, Saturday’s commemoration of Earth Day, he’s had a change of heart about global climate change. Perhaps he’ll announce he’s fired Karl Rove.


So much for that hallucination.

Mister Bush is wounded now. When his team had total control of the message, all the damage being done, the outlawry, the secrecy, the unconstitutionality, the shamelessness didn’t matter because it was so easily concealed, glossed over, or excused with some tidbit or full-blown campaign of eagerly swallowed disinformation. Now, with the polls punching a hole in what was thought to be the absolute floor of his approval ratings, Mister Bush is a growing liability to his fellow Republicans, as the ever louder muttering is beginning to indicate.

When you have to be extra careful which ex-general you invite to stand next to you, it’s more than just a spot of trouble that will blow over. When the media sycophants, operatives and yellowbellies you once could count on always to tell the story the way you wanted it told are trumped by a handful of real investigators, you’ve got a problem. Faced with new and nasty revelations every other day, you might be tempted to do something dramatic to gain back some ground.

1000 days. Since you’ve started reading this, a few dozen seconds have ticked away. We’re closer to the end now. Tick. Tick. Tick.

I saw the Al Gore movie the other night.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite sobering — and the thought of all the damage to the environment alone that will go unchecked is frightening in itself.  But with the impending threat of a Democratic-controlled congress that will suddenly start taking a serious look into the criminal activities of BushCo., I do worry about that "something dramatic" that Meteor Blades talks about.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but I think the threat of something else incredibly stupid coming down from these ham-fisted children with big egos and ugly tempers is very real. 

MB also has a poll up where you can predict what you think will happen in the next 1000 days.  Any takers? 

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