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Ban of Easter candy with religious messages in school unhinges mom

The bleating from these faux-Christians about being “victimized” never stops.

The mother of a North Carolina second-grader is threatening to sue a public elementary school for prohibiting the boy from passing out Easter candy displaying religious messages.

Natalya Hill alleges her son Robert was barred from handing out Easter candy with an attached religious message to his classmates at Leesville Elementary School in Raleigh. Hills’ attorney, Delia Van Loenen with the Alliance Defense Fund, has penned and sent a letter to the school demanding that it end its “censorship of student religious expression.”

According to Van Loenen, the youngster was told he could not distribute the candy during class time, at lunch, or even during recess. The attorney says that violates the U.S. Constitution.

“The school needs to know that the students have a right to religious expression — that’s protected under the First Amendment,” Van Loenen says. ” And basically the school has treated this student’s religious speech as second-class speech, and it’s a blatant violation of his constitutional rights.”

Note this is the same Alliance Defense Fund, which is also sponsoring the Day of Truth mentioned in my earlier post. If her panties are in such a twist, why is this child in public school? There are plenty of religious schools out there where her son is free to proselytize all day long to his peers.

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