I am not the walrus. Koo koo ka choo Posted by Picasa

I’m not sure which is worse: straining for an analogy that is so awkward you have to explain it, or blowing the explanation.

Take it away Jacque Goldstein:

…His health permitting, I hope Snow takes the job; not only is he articulate and likeable, but he is quite comfortable in front of the camera—a change from poor Scott McClellan, who, while I’m sure he is a decent guy, more often than not looked like the last oyster at a party hosted by drunk and hungry walruses. Which is to say, McClellan always appeared on the defensive, in constant fear of being cracked open on a rock and swallowed whole by David Gregory—

Um, that would be the otter who cracks bivalves with rocks, not walruses who lack the appendages with which to grasp the oyster and beat it on a rock in much the same way that you beat your head on the keyboard in an effort to crack wise, although I am sympathetic since “a party hosted by drunk and hungry walruses otters” lacks the comicality that you were so desperately reaching for.

As I’m sure they used to say at Towson State: Next time, show work.

For more serious dumbassitude go here.

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