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Via Crooks & Liars, you too can watch Neil Young have his patriotism challenged by monosyllabic hair-sprayed ding dong Sibila Vargas on CNN who a) doesn’t know the title of the album she’s supposed to be interviewing him about and b) suggests he’s only doing a song called "Impeach the President" because he needs the publicty.

Let’s listen in on this hard-hitting interview:

VARGAS: I know that you`re also a Canadian, so people are going to talk about, well, you`re Canadian. I mean, does that give you less of a platform to say these things?

YOUNG: Maybe. I`m proud to be a Canadian. I`m proud to be living in the United States. I`m proud to be paying taxes here for 40 years. I`m proud of my three American children, my lovely American wife, my American family, and all of the people who have supported me here for 40 years.

It just so happens that I came down here because I`m an artist, and I came down here because, in Los Angeles, I could get things happening and so I could make it so people could hear me. That`s why I came down here. This is a great country, and I believe in this.

She’s fucking Seymour Hersch with Botox, that one.  

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Jane Hamsher

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