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Late Nite FDL: Is The Country Catching On?


I watched the 60 Minutes segment tonight on the Niger uranium intelligence and thought it was very much of a piece with the Rolling Stone Worst President In History cover — a simple, direct narrative that will reach millions of Americans and let them know that they have been duped.  We talk about this stuff all the time on the blogs but it’s not often things this clearly damning are so widely disseminated.  Shock waves feel like they are starting to ripple out and it’s hard to know how far they are going to extend.

If you didn’t catch it you can see part of the video at C&L and read about it here.  They interviewed Joe Wilson but didn’t get into the exposure of his wife as a CIA agent — they kept it quite simply about the intelligence on Niger uranium, the 16 words and the myriad sources who told the Administration that the claims were bogus from the get.  As Atrios notes there’s nothing really new, but it does play havoc with claims of the authoritarian cultists that Bush acted in good faith, relying on credible intelligence.  In the wake of all of the mounting evidence to the contrary, their sad little sputtering cries of "but….but…the SSCI report…Robb/Silberman…many many committees…." really just go to reinforce what a pile of partisan hatchet jobs all these investigations were to distort their findings so blatantly and overlook everything they knew then (but we are only learning now).

To all the newcomers:  welcome to the party.

Update:  As others have noted, the Swiftboating of Tyler Drumheller is likely to be centered around claims that he’s just pimping his new book, On the Brink: How the White House Has Compromised American Intelligence.  Should be an interesting read.

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