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The authoritarian cultists of the NRO seem a bit down these days, reports TBogg:

Now each of the Corner Kids has their own personal reason for being disappointed with the direction the Republican Party has taken following in lockstep behind its putative leader. In Jonah and the Pod’s case the failure of George Bush might call attention to the fact that having famous parents doesn’t necessarily qualify you for a job and their wingnut welfare might dry up like Kate O’Beirne’s hoo-hah. Ramesh has a book coming out and a dispirited conservative is going to be in no mood to read about baby-killing liberals when they could just as easily buy a Kate Hudson DVD to cheer themselves up (although Kate Hudson might again remind people about that famous parent thing above, so the DVD purchase, which is bad for Ramesh, is worse for Jonah/JPod) In K-Lo’s case, George Bush isn’t Mitt Romney and George is just ruining it for Mitt who is all dreamy and stuff and could be the Republican JFK except he’s not Catholic but could be converted by the love of a good woman…possibly one of his wives. Maybe even K-Lo.

Meanwhile, while they are worrying about the elephant party, the rest of us are worying about the other elephant in the room: our upcoming nuclear confrontation with Iran. Since all that George and Dick and Rummy know is war and arrogance and power and they have been spectacularly wrong about everything that they have ever done or touched or thought about, are these the people that we want with their finger on the button?

I gotcher gloom and doom right here…

I wish it were enough that they were unhappy but it’s not.  We’ve got 33 more months of this clown.  I read the new Rolling Stone cover story on the plane today and I’m really thrilled that it’s going to be in 7-11s across the country and 12 year-olds will be reading about how Bush is the worst president in history.  It’s an awfully powerful statement, an even more powerful graphic.  But the damage this dangerous idiot could do with the time he has left, given no congressional oversight (yeah I’m looking at you, Lincoln Chafee) is incalculable.

On the bright side:  well, they are miserable. 

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Jane Hamsher

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