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Clowns on the Hill grant Homeland Security funds for clown and puppet shows

And we wonder where the billions are going. It’s certainly not making us safer if Congress is earmarking funds to go to puppet shows and gyms, especially when all kinds of crap makes it through airport security, and effective communications systems for first responders are still not where they need to be. More waste, fraud and abuse courtesy of the Rethug-led Congress. Even Dear Leader couldn’t rein in the pork on this one.

Fire departments are using Homeland Security grants to buy gym equipment, sponsor puppet and clown shows, and turn first responders into fitness trainers.

The spending choices are allowable under the guidelines of the Assistance to Firefighters grant administered by the Homeland Security Department, which has awarded nearly 250 grants since February totaling more than $25 million out of the current spending pot of $545 million.

…The Bush administration has specifically asked Congress not to allow funding for physical fitness, but the members who run Congress’ appropriation committees keep inserting the language into the department’s budget, officials say.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding