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* Bye Bye Tom: when a publication in your state publishes a cover like this, it’s hard to say “there’s no place like home” (hat tip, Adrian).


* The Political Pit Bull has a video of Scotty’s Greatest Hits up on the podium at the White House press briefings. It’s about 4 minutes, and at about 3:15 into it, check out Scotty’s tussle with homo-obsessed WingNutDaily columnist Les Kinsolving over a question about Brokeback Mountain and “whether Bush watched any of the Academy Awards for prostitution and sodomy.”

* Speaking of Brokeback, with the release of the DVD comes an ace review of it over at DVD Verdict. It’s worth the click.


* Paul passed along the news that former San Francisco D.A. Joseph Freitas Jr. died. You may not know his name, but he has an infamous legacy as the man whose office oversaw the prosecution of of Dan White, the S.F. supervisor who assassinated Mayor George Moscone and the first openly gay Supervisor, Harvey Milk, in 1978. The jury in that case failed to convict White of first-degree murder, finding him guilty of two counts of voluntary manslaughter, which set off riots in the streets.

White, btw, climbed into the window of City Hall to avoid metal detectors and reloaded to shoot Milk, which indicated the acts were clearly premeditated. His lawyer used what became known as the Twinkie Defense, alleging White consumed too much sugar, in this case Twinkies and Coke, and it set him off on his murderous rampage.


* The latest in womb control, this time in Ohio (hat tip, Blender Katie):

Ohio house bill 228 introduced by Tim Brinkman, R-Mount Lookout, in April would make it a felony for a woman to seek to terminate her pregnancy and holds the same penalty if she chooses to leave the state for the medical procedure. Additionally, anyone who helps coordinate an abortion or transportation to leave the state for one could be charged as well.

“House Bill 228, as far as I know, is still in committee. Some bills take more time to come out of committee. You just never know,” said Ohio Rep. John Schlichter, R-Greenfield. “I’m a pro-life person. My voting record has been consistent. I was raised in a Christian home.”

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