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Sierra Club: Yes, Still Wanker of the Day


Karl Pope, head of the Sierra Club, makes an appearance over at the Huffington Post to defend the Club’s decision to support Lincoln Chafee in the upcoming Rhode Island senate race.  He says that the statistic we reported this morning, of Chafee only having a 20% pro-environmental voting recordwas a wrong statistic, and if that is in fact true we stand corrected.

Pope says that Chafee deserves support even though his Club-For-Growth backed GOP opponent opposes drilling in the ANWR too.  What Pope neglects to mention, in what is one of the most utterly dishonest moments I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere, is that Chafee has two Democratic opponents who would not have voted for cloture on Samuel Alito and would not have voted for Bill Frist for majority leader — Matt Brown and Sheldon Whitehouse.  Moreover, as Kos has said so many times I don’t have fingers and toes to count, as long as the Senate committee chairs rest in the hands of the Republicans there will be no oversight of an administration who beats off to dreams of drilling for oil in the ANWR and selling off every last inch of the country’s natural resources to the highest bidder.  The defeat of Lincoln Chafee is essential, nay critical, to providing some kind of check to the environmental rampage the Bush Administration still has the capacity to wage for the next 33 months.

I’ve seen people show up in the blogosphere before and say stupid things but this takes the cake.  Pope is either actively ignoring the way modern politics is played by the GOP, willfully stupid, hopelessly corrupt or all three.  Someone compared him this morning to the begger who cuts off his own fingers so people will feel sorry for him and give him more money, and I thought that was pretty apt.  Taking a moment to go over to the Huffington Post and setting him straight on this lunacy — letting him know he won’t be prying into your wallet as long as he’s putting the money toward the preservation of the GOP rape-the-planet machine, and what an insult that he thinks people are just that stupid — is a public service, IMHO.

These interest groups continue to play right in to the hands of the GOP by giving progressive bona fides to candidates in blue states who otherwise could not get elected, only to watch them trot off to Washington and continue to empower the Bush Administration’s every whim.  It needs to stop.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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