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Petey's petition desperation in Illinois

Our reliable AmTaliban entertainment master Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute is trying to drum up support and signatures for his anti-gay marriage amendment petition and his effort is flagging. His April 20 deadline to collect signatures is here and he hasn’t reached his goal — so he’s extending it to the 30th.

To rub salt in the wound, the Gay Liberation Network is tossing a shindig today to mark Peter’s failure to whip all the fundies into a frenzy by his self-imposed deadline.

Read below and experience the flopsweat and extreme bleating by the homo-sex obsessed fundie; the hysteria on the IFI site is over the top — what a drama queen!

A far-left homosexual group in Chicago is planning a premature “celebration” on April 20th because they think Protect Marriage Illinois will fail to get the signatures it needs to qualify for the ballot in November. Are you prepared to do all you can to make sure that their prediction doesn’t come true?

Last week, the Gay Liberation Network” engaged in a bit of wishful thinking by announcing an April 20th rally in Chicago’s homosexual “Boystown” neighborhood that will “Celebrate the FAILURE” of far right forces in Illinois to get an anti-gay referendum.”

Here’s the problem for GLN: We’re NOT going to fail, and the April 20th deadline is only an internal one. In fact, petitions are pouring in like never before, so we are extending the deadline for mailing in Protect Marriage Illinois signatures to April 30th to accommodate the rush of petitions. (The official date when we have to turn them over to the state is Monday, May 8th.)

More Christian Bashing

Take a look at the Gay Liberation Network’s flier, available at

The group mocks several high-profile individuals opposed to homosexual activism, including former GOP Senate candidate Alan Keyes, former GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Oberweis and Rev. and St. Sen. James Meeks. Under a photo of Chicago Catholic Cardinal Francis George’s is this caption: “Cardinal ‘Boy’ George, my ‘Christian charity’ includes opposing equal employment, housing and access to public accommodations [for homosexuals based on ‘sexual orientation’].”

…Isn’t it interesting how the Left engages in mean-spirited insults against men of faith and there is no media interest or outrage whatsoever?

Smear the messenger
Under my photo in the GLN flier is this caption:

“Peter ‘I butch it up in leather & whips only so that I can investigate the homosexual lifestyle, really I do’ LaBarbera.” This refers to my and IFI’s efforts to expose the radical homosexual agenda, including the sadistic and pornographic “International Mr. Leather” event that is held every year in a swank Chicago hotel. (It’s coming to the Palmer House Hilton on May 25 through May 29–Memorial Day Weekend.)

So, according to the Gay Liberation Network’s illogic, exposing the perversion that surrounds homosexuality makes one a pervert himself. That’s like saying that pro-lifers who march outside of abortion clinics secretly yearn to have abortions themselves–how absurd.

I urge you to join me in making one final push for signatures so that in November, all of us will be able to vote to reaffirm the natural and historic definition of marriage as between a man and a woman!

* Letter from Peter LaBarbera

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