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New levels of pervdom

Sick bastard poses as a doctor giving door-to-door ‘breast exams’. Argh, I get nauseous just looking at the picture. This gross coot in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, clearly looking to cop an illicit feel (and more), showed up at the apartments of two women — and they fell for his line of crap. One of the women he conned was an immigrant who didn’t speak much English; the other figured out 76-year-old Philip Winikoff wasn’t an M.D, only after he started feeling her up. This is nasty.

Philip Winikoff walked up to the door of the Lauderdale Lakes apartment carrying a black medical bag. He told the woman inside he was a doctor from ”North Miami Hospital,” going door- to-door offering free breast exams.

But authorities say the 76-year-old Winikoff was no doctor. And the medical bag wasn’t his, but his wife’s. She is a registered nurse.

On Wednesday, Broward sheriff’s deputies arrested Winikoff on charges of sexual battery and simple assault. Winikoff allegedly fondled the breasts of two women and then sexually assaulted them.

It’s a ”very bizarre crime,” said BSO spokesman Hugh Graf. “It may very well be a first.”

There is video here.

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