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Late Nite FDL: An Invitation to De-Lurk


I had breakfast with my friend Doctor Vickie on Wednesday morning.  She said she likes to come to the website and she always enjoys reading it but half the time she doesn’t know what we’re talking about.  I explained that I know some times it seems impenetrable; bloggers tend to talk to the blogosphere, we assume people are following the conversation and are familiar with the cast of characters, storylines and slang that are conventions here.  It can make it awfully hard to catch on.  In our defense, people who show up here day after day get tired of having the same things explained over and over again, and since those are the ones we hear from the most we tend to respond to their wishes.

But last night TRex made an excellent suggestion — if you’ve got a question you’ve been burning to ask but you don’t want to do so for fear of seeming "out of it" (or worse yet, winding up Wolcott fodder), tonight is the night to de-lurk and pose it.  I have to say most of the time our commenters are pretty generous about taking the time to explain these things anyway, but consider this an open invitation to express the things which confuse you the most about our tribal assumptions and ask whatever you want. 

I myself sat here for a year and a half before I finally figured out what IIRC meant.  Beat that. 

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