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GLAAD: St. Maarten paper gives thumbs-up to gay bashing

“Let’s be clear. When a newspaper waxes nostalgic about a time when it was more acceptable to assault gay people, that’s not just condoning violence — it’s endorsing it. I don’t care who you are; you don’t get to editorialize support for gay bashing and then turn around and claim that you’re the victim.”
— GLAAD President Neil Giuliano, on a slur- and hate-filled editorial in the St. Maarten paper Today

How sick is it when a paper longs for the days when you could go thumping fags for kicks? On St. Maarten, where a heinous anti-gay attack on two CBS News employees put the island’s homophobic culture front and center in the media, this is what passes as “damage control”? (GLAAD):

The “Today” editorial began by protesting — as anti-gay activists have done for years — use of the term “homophobia.” The paper then ridiculed the term “gay bashing,” claiming such occurrences “might have been a case of a stronger (and non-gay) person taking advantage of a male whose strength may be suspect to the more macho individual.”

The newspaper then proceeded to blame and attack the victims of the assault:

Now we don’t know what the news producer and his male pal, who also works for a syndicated news organization in New York, might have been drinking or ingesting before the unfortunate incident. They were in a bar setting, from accounts of eye witnesses they were “all over each other” and four upset young men didn’t like it.

They didn’t like it so much that after they were asked to leave Bamboo Bernie’s, they glared at the gay men, who have also been known as faggots, homos, homosexuals and other names that won’t go into this family newspaper. They glared at them hard and they exited the place.

And waited in the parking lot.

Gay bashing has taken many forms over the decades. During and after World War II, it was considered common sport for military guys to let themselves be picked up by a faggot in a bar in Los Angeles or San Francisco. The one who was picked up would pretend to go along for the ride, only to turn around and beat up or rob the homo who picked him up, leaving him without wallet and sometimes teeth.

All that has changed, of course, largely due to American laws that are being spread around the world. Gay bashing is now a no-no. Slurs against homos, a no-no. And beating a person over the head for flagrant public behavior that once was considered criminal misconduct is a no-no.

This is a sorry case and we hope the police find the attackers. But it is made much worse when silly homosexuals use their power in the New York media to trash a friendly island for a one of a kind incident. The homosexual community should be ashamed.

Perhaps a few words of reason should be directed at the St. Maarten tourism bureau:

John @ Americablog had an excellent idea: contact the St. Maarten Bureau for Constitutional Affairs, because it is still part of the Netherlands and seeks independence. This clearly reflects badly on the island:

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