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UNC student government roiled over anti-discrimination proposal

Matt Hill Comer‘s blogging about a debate at UNC-Greensboro over a proposal to add sexual orientation and gender to the UNC Association of Student Government Constitution’s equal opportunity clause. The proposal will be heard at the next General Assembly meeting on Saturday, and Matt’s not sure it will pass.

We will be meeting at Eastern Carolina University. Just a heads up though: It is very likely that this proposal will not pass. For this I am very, very worried. Some of the arguments used against it are along these lines:

* “We don’t have a problem with it now… so why add it?”
* “It should go in a policy statement. It does not need to go into the equal opportunity clause.”
* “We don’t need to recognize this type of discrimination because UNC System policy, state law and national law does not yet recognize it.”

To me, these arguments are ridiculous. UNCASG must stand up for what is right, but I have a feeling that it is going to be an uphill battle at the state level, even though a similar proposal would probably pass at each, individual UNC campus.

The part that scares me the most is that one of the voting members of the ad-hoc committee at UNCASG wanted to contact UNC Counsel. Knowing the way this state works in regard to LGBT people I have a feeling as to what Counsel would say: It would either be something along the lines of “It isn’t necessary” or just flat-out “No.”

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