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Gridiron bible-beating

You can’t avoid the proselytizing in the bible-belt; witness this promotion at an upcoming arena football game in Alabama.

The Birmingham Steeldogs will be wearing Christian throwback jerseys during the May 5 game against the Louisville Fire. Both teams are members of the 23-team Arena Football League. The jerseys worn by Steeldogs players that evening will display the name “Samson” on the front — a reference to the Bible hero with incredible physical strength. On the back, players’ names will be replaced by a book of the Bible, and players’ numbers will correspond with a specific chapter and verse of that book.

In addition, free Bibles will distributed at the gate, and the Christian rock group Audio Adrenaline will perform in a pre-game concert. It is all part of the first of three “Barber’s Dairy Faith Nights.” Steeldogs’ managing partner Scott Myers helped come up with the promotion.

…Myers says Steeldogs coaches fully supported the decision to wear Bible-themed jerseys even though it was made before the team’s final roster was set. The jerseys are made by the Christian Throwback Jersey Company of Birmingham.

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