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Gay icon Patti Labelle and the homobigot pastor

This is a fricking shame. Why must Patti Labelle hobonob with the likes of Eddie Long, the homophobic pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church? James of At Thirty-three shared the awful news that she sang at his church on Easter Sunday; he’s pissed at Patti’s blindness to this man.

Long has bragged about his friendship with President George W Bush and reaffirmed his rigid brand of Christianity by jockeying for “Faith Based” dollars from the Bush administration. Labelle the popular R&B; singer has had a long relationship with gay community marked by her public friendship with the Sylvester and scores of gay men. Patti, as gay men lovingly call her, owes much of her success to her popularity among gay men.

…We cannot accept this kind of behavior from individuals who purport to be our allies. Patti should not embrace the pain that Eddie Long and his church have caused the thousands of Gay men she has touched if she considers herself an “Ally.” Patti needs to be checked. We must let her know what it cost to embrace our enemies!! We must let her know that a more accepting church is a more acceptable place for her to promote her new album.

Bishop Eddie Long is a truly awful ‘phobe. In 2004 he organized a march with his 25,000 megachurch in Atlanta (homobigot and daughter of Martin Luther King, Bernice King, helped lead it as well), bringing thousands of people into streets, with its first goal promoting an amendment to ”fully protect marriage between one man and one woman.”

He’s quite unhinged as well; he has made some memorable comments about homos — and human anatomy.

Woman is the soul of man. She is his flesh consciousness. In essence, God made Eve to help Adam replenish the earth. Woman has the canalâ€?everything else is an exit. God had to separate Adam and Eve where they connected so he could tell them to reconnect in covenant to duplicate Him. In Christ, God puts his seed in us. Any other way is a spiritual abortion. Cloning, Homosexuality and Lesbianism are spiritual abortions. Homosexuality is a manifestation of the fallen man.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding