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'Ex-homos' bleat away on gay rodeo, White House Egg Roll

Hartline: Gay rodeo full of perversion. More over-the-top, batsh*t insane AmTalibannery comes out of the mouth of California ‘ex-gay’ activist James Hartline, who has his knickers in a twist over a Ford dealership that is a corporate sponsor of the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA).

For the “Christian” crusader for deliverance from homosexuality, all the gay calf roping and bronc bucking is just too much to bear.

“It’s the number-one volume Ford dealership in the world,” Hartline says of Galpin Ford. “In other words, they sell more Fords out of this one dealership than any individual Ford dealership anywhere in the world — and they’re a corporate sponsor of this gay rodeo.” Other sponsors of the Los Angeles chapter of the GSGRA [Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association] include the Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center, Bud Light, and the homosexual television network “Logo.”

…”These gay rodeos are not necessarily marketed in a way where people will know because they don’t read the gay newspapers [or] the gay press,” the activist says. “So a lot of these families will think, ‘Oh, it’s a rodeo.’ So they bring their kids to this event, thinking they’re just going to another fun rodeo.”

So instead of just watching bucking broncos and barrel racing, families may encounter men dressed up as women as well as “mocking” of family values, says Hartline — and unknowing parents will be very shocked by other things they and their children will see, he adds.

The Christian activist claims the homosexual agenda is being forced into very family-friendly arenas — like rodeos — by corporations such as Ford through sponsorship. Hartline believes strongly that consumers need to let their dealerships know such anti-family sponsorship will not be tolerated.


Speaking of “former homosexuals,” our BrightSmile friend and radio evangelist Stephen Bennett had to weigh in on the Egg Roll — he viewed it as a gay recruiting event.

A former homosexual says he is not surprised that homosexual activists led by the group Family Pride Coalition showed up at yesterday’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, DC.

Stephen Bennett, a Christian entertainer and speaker who left the “gay” lifestyle over a decade ago, says the Family Pride Coalition’s effort at the April 17 Easter Egg Roll is a typical expression of the mentality behind the homosexual agenda.

“Homosexual activists today are looking for any public venue to get affirmation and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle — to do anything that they can to normalize it,” Bennett contends. “I think it’s tragic that they would use something like the White House Easter Egg Roll, which is a children’s event, for political means,” he says, “but the whole idea behind the entire homosexual activist movement is ‘Get them while they’re young.’ And what I mean by that is [they want] to start indoctrinating people into believing gay is okay, to normalize it as much as they can.” It is regrettable that children were exposed to the homosexual activists at the White House Easter event, Bennett says; however, he asserts, such people routinely target children in order to shape their view of homosexuality.

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