The Play Nice Or Someone’s Gonna
Have A Time-out Manifesto

The Wolf: I was led to believe that if she comes home and
finds us here, she’d wouldn’t appreciate it none too much?
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Field General Jeff Goldstein of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders – Toast-em Pop-Up Division blots his brow with a tissue and calls for condemnation, a snubbing, a black-list, a look askance, a remonstration, and an official “shunning” of any one who does anything like what Michelle Malkin did except what she did was okay because those dumb kids did put their names on a press release that was intended for the press and since Michelle Malkin pretends she’s a journalist everything is cool with her doing it. Or something like that. Oh hell, just read it:


And bravo again.

Whether you care for Michelle Malkin’s political positions or not, this crusade to try to intimidate her and her family—a crusade being waged by mostly anonymous cowards who no person in the blogosphere, left OR right, should encourage or countenance—is both disgraceful and, in the long run, dangerous. Not only that, but the pretext upon which it is based—the reprinting of a press release (which last I checked was INTENDED to be disseminated, and was in fact, as of yesterday, still available in its entirety on a number of leftwing sites)—is so laughable as to be insulting to anyone with even a spark of electricity traveling across his or her grey matter.

So. I am now calling for the very public condemnation and ostracizing of those who would post satellite photos and personal home phone numbers of a their political opponents on the web. I am also calling for the public condemnation and ostracizing of those hyperpartisan bloggers / media figures who condone or applaud such actions.

Consider this post a petition of sorts. And feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

So what does this “very public condemnation and ostracizing” look like and does it leave a mark? Well, it looks like someone didn’t get the message and was cybersmacked with an official shunning:

i think she’s been sniffing glue. if this information is “all over the internet” how come it doesn’t come up in a simple google search?
Posted by anonymous | permalink
on 04/19 at 09:09 PM

I found it easily enough. But I’m not going to link photos of her house and big, 46-pt reproductions of her phone number here.

Go ahead and stay anonymous, by the way. It suits you.
Posted by Jeff Goldstein | permalink
on 04/19 at 09:14 PM


really? strange. you’d figure it’d come up in the first 25 pages of a google search containing relevant keywords.

this is just her modus operandi. do something terribly nasty then act like a victim.
Posted by anonymous | permalink
on 04/19 at 09:17 PM

The first to be shunned here is “anonymous”, whose IP address is for those of you who have blogs and wish to ban him/her/it.

Malkin posted information from a press release. She is now being forced to relocate again. This is not ACTING like a victim. This is being a victim.

Goodbye, and good riddance.
Posted by Jeff Goldstein | permalink
on 04/19 at 09:28 PM

Man, I wouldn’t want to be anonymous69.218.26.173 when Jeff’s wife gets home. We could have a Bonnie Situation.

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