Bring us more water and bread and quit eyeballing the white women

Just checking in on who is signing up for a Euston Manifesto decoder ring, we find Michelle Blanchard:

I stand behind the principles stated in this manifesto. The authors of this manifesto are progressives in the true sense of the word. There can be no room for compromise on the basic issue of human rights, you are either for human rights, or you are against them. You can not pick and choose amongst the governments of the world and make exceptions for those governments that do not protect their citizen’s rights because you think that they are giving George Bush what for and you admire them for it. I am often frustrated by the hypocrisy of the left in America in not upholding it’s own basic principles. The left holds Americans to the highest standards but makes exceptions for the rank brutality of many third world dictators and dooms millions of third world citizens to lives of abject misery. This manifesto reestablishes the highest principles of the left cleary and succinctly.

From Michelle’s blog:

2 out of 3 rapists in Norway are immigrants from “non western” backgrounds
and 80% of the rape victims are Norwegian women. You know, over and over again we on the right tell the left that the cultural practices of third world peoples are mostly imcompatible with the liberal beliefs we hold dear in Western countries. Time and time again the immigrants from “non Western” cultures immigrate to other countries and bring their intolerant, anti-woman behavior with them and the left remains silent for fear of looking “racist.” I have news for you on the left, you are racists for not expecting people with brown skin to behave in a civilised and decent law abiding manner. Laws against rape were not enacted to frustrate Muslim males from North Africa, laws against rape were enacted to protect women. You either believe in women’s rights or you don’t. If you think it’s OK to bring thousands of men without Western values into your countries to rape your own women, then I say to hell with you! If you find cosmic justice in reverse colonialism you are an idiot and you are selected against. I just hope that your daughters do not have to pay the price for your tolerance of the animalistic practices of these monsters.


Weighing in on the immigration issue

I am going to come out and say this, I like Mexicans and central and South Americans very much. I like their work and family ethics. I prefer to be served in restaurants and elsewhere by Mexicans rather than Black, white and Hispanic-Americans. I also understand that these Mexican and Latin-American immigrants are trying to do what is best for their families. If I had to cross a desert and enter another country to support my family, I would do so in a heartbeat. If it was easier for them to go back and forth across the border, perhaps the Mexicans would go back to Mexico for inexpensive dental and health care, thus relieving the burden on American taxpayers and helping the Mexican economy.


The media is up in arms about “planted” positive news stories in Iraq.

I am assaulted by “planted” positive news stories every day in my own country. We are constantly bombarded by human interest stories that have nothing to do with news. Story after story about some old Black lady running a soup kicthen. Nice stories but not news worthy and hardly important in the grand scheme of things. Soup kitchens will always be filled with drunks and drug addicts and those that refuse to do work they feel is beneath them. I can only think that the news stations think that donations to soup kitchens will go up if they show such stories. So you have a desired outcome planned by the media, no different than “planted” news stories in Iraqi media outlets. My local news station is prone to showing human interest stories during the morning news casts. We have many stories about children suffering terminal illnesses that are surviving chemo etc, or riding their horses across the country to raise money for hurricane victims, although going blind themselves, etc, etc. We have gang bangers getting tattoo removals and job training, usually at the tax payer’s expense. On CBS they have a once a week human interest story where you can log into the CBS website and choose one of a few stories that you would like to here more about. This bums me out because other people hardly ever pick the story I would like to hear more about. CBS is actually doing this so that people will log on to their website, pure manipulation, no different from “planted” news stories in Iraq. The media is a master of manipulation. It doesn’t bother me, it’s just a fact of life.

It’s like Coded Racism for Beginners

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