Charles Krauthammer: A Liberal in a Solipsistic Universe

Andrew McCarthy on the Pulitzers:

It’s an old strategy, but all the latest incarnation does is cheapen the Pulitzers. Once an award — any award — is politicized, it no longer has any claim on being about excellence.

Assuming it ever really had one. The Pulitzers are not so much a ceremony of craft as a Left-wing agape. The unavoidable fact is that modern liberals are behind these awards, and modern liberals decide who gets them. They don’t control much anymore, but they still control that. And they are hardwired to revere an alternative reality that bleaches out everything other than their own pieties. In that solipsistic universe, these awards are perfect.

But make no mistake, these awards are not about who performed the best reporting or churned out the most skillful piece of writing. They are a reflection of the us-versus-them divide, and of who has best served the “us” faction.

William Safire Class of 1978
Vermont Royster Class of 1984
Charles Krauthammer Class of 1987
Paul Gigot Class of 2000
Dorothy Rabinowitz Class of 2001
Thomas Friedman Class of 2002
Andrew C. McCarthy No Class

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