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Why are Roy Moore's prayers not being answered?

Just asking. Kathy at Birmingham Blues passed on the news that Mr. Ten Commandments must have a bad connection to the Big Guy Upstairs, since he’s trailing incumbent Bob Riley in the polls by 44 points.

“These poll results suggest that Moore’s campaign has pretty well tanked,” said USA political scientist Keith Nicholls, who directed the polling.

Guess touring the country shilling his pious tome didn’t help him either.

Moore dismissed the results, saying that they would prove “totally inaccurate” when voters go to the polls.

Nicholls said Riley’s lead appears “insurmountable” at this point.

“It’s hard to imagine what might happen to bring Moore back to competitiveness,” he said. “Bottom line is that the fat lady may not have sung for Roy Moore, but she’s warming up.”

Kathy: “Sounds like magical thinking to me, Roy. Don’t you consider magic sinful?

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Pam Spaulding