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When I first heard about the clip of Washington Post Deputy Editor Colbert King discussing the paper’s editorial applauding Presidential intelligence incontinence I thought oh lordy, they’re making them march around with wooden guns and quote Fred Hiatt.  That is pathetic.  But having watched the clip now (Crooks & Liars has it) I’ll say King’s snark is the most caustic, lacerating, damning indictment of the paper’s editorial stance I have heard to date.  Krauthammer was practically choking on umbrage even as he challenged King to agree with himself.  It was a royal hoot:

MR. KING: Well, I’m deputy editor of the editorial page, so let me first take a sip of my Kool-Aid – (laugher) – and step up and take one for the team. What we were trying to say is that the president had every right to declassify the information and present to the public the information from the National Intelligence Estimate that supported that particular argument about the attempts on the part of the – of Saddam Hussein to acquire –

MS. TOTENBERG: You can spit it out.

I always wonder how much penetration we’re having with the Washington Post.  We tap away at our liberal little keyboards but are our narratives getting seeded into the larger media story?  Is it just us and the message borders at the WaPo who gossip about this junk?  

I have to say I was laughing like hell and absolutely delighted about last weekend’s liberal blogger hit piece. It was six pages long.  They put their newly Pulitzered reporter (*cough*) David Finkel on the task.  It ran on the front page of the paper itself, not just the web site.

Even their own editors aren’t afraid to go on TV and admit the paper is so twisted up in self-justification for indefensible positions that it’s downright laughable.  Our bloggy obsessions have so fully interwoven themselves into the Post’s culture they’ve become accepted as common knowledge.  We’re hurting them much, much more than I ever imagined. 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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