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Life Sucks When You’re Bush’s Favorite Democrat


If anyone was wondering why Joe Lieberman is giving serious thought to slinking away into the chilly embrace of the Republican vote, the latest poll numbers from Connecticut give a good indication.  A new Survey USA poll puts Bush at only a 27% approval/69% disapproval rating in Connecticut, but among Connecticut Democrats the Decider in Chief earns himself a fat 7% approval/91% disapproval rating.

Joe Lieberman is clearly dragging Dubya around like a ball and chain.  He’s not his usual hawkish self answering questions about the Iran and the critique of the 6 generals, he’s avoiding the entire state of Connecticut and he has refused to debate Ned Lamont.   The black smoke rising from the Lieberman campaign has turned the national media toward looking at Ned with much closer scrutiny.  Says Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent:

He’s still in the honeymoon period, still being discovered. Monday’s stop attracted not just Murray of the Post national desk but an AP reporter preparing a story for the national wire. Like other Next New Thing anti-Bush Democrats — Howard Dean, Wesley Clark — Lamont will soon move to the more demanding spotlight phase, when the press and the public throw the same kind of tough questions at him that they now have for Lieberman.

And that’s a good thing.  Although Holy Joe has done much to fuel the "anyone but Lieberman" fires, that really isn’t an adequate reason to elect someone to the United States Senate.  People should be asking Ned Lamont tough questions.  I think he’s prepared for that, and will stand up to the challenge and impress us all.

Lieberman’s only vocal support seems to be coming from the right these days.  Meanwhile Lamont is picking up delegates.  He can bang on about his seniority all he wants but if he’s only using it to pimp a war Connecticut voters don’t seem to want I can’t see how that’s going to do him any good.  

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