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Late Nite FDL: Fitz!


Sometimes I get so busy keeping this blog running that I don’t have time to sit back and do what it is that made me fall in love with blogging in the first place:  plunk myself down with a cup of tea, a thick stack of documents and a highlighter, a bunch of notebooks and a pile of stickies and some flow charts and proceed to fill up margins with elaborate notes I will never be able to decipher  It’s been a while since I had the luxury of that kind of time but every once in a while you just have to have push everything else aside and do it, know what I mean?

So I’m going to enjoy reading the newly released Plame documents tonight — Libby’s subpoenas to Time and  Judith Miller, and Time’s Motion to Quash.  Jeralyn has the PDFs up as well as analysis of the filings. 

Elsewhere on the Fitz front, Buckley Roberts has a very good post over at Kos called "Why the Ryan Verdict Matters."  The whole thing is worth reading, but this caught my eye:

Similar to the DeLay excuse, defense attorney Daniel Webb tried to base the defense around the premise that those damn liberals are trying to hamper the government by impeding how it is normally supposed to function.  "Pay for play" politics is not how the government is supposed to function and because the corruption has gone unchecked for so many years does not make the process correct.  Ryan is notorious in Illinois as a deal maker that both Democrats and Republicans loved. That is only because crooked politicians on both sides of the isle were allowed to dip into the kitty.  Today’s guilty verdict on all 22 counts represented the people’s disgust for what passes for "politics as usual" and our condemnation of these crooked practices.

This statement goes for all politicians, not just the abundant corrupt Republicans being indicted these days. Not that it matters, but according to those who work with federal prosecutor Fitzgerald say that his politics are conservative.  He isn’t one of those concerned about toeing the political line as he is interested more in cleaning the corruption out of the government and his party.  We need to make sure our guys are clean and stay that way too.  Blago and Daley, I’m looking at you… 


This was an eight year investigation and a seven month trial.  The defense is estimated at spending over $20 million defending him. As Collins and Fitzgerald noted, the prosecution was outgunned and outmanned but thanks to the diligent and continually work of their team (a couple who I know personally and are very conservative – not that politics should matter with the law) were able to show indirectly that Ryan was guilty of racketeering, money laundering, tax evasion, and being a general bastard.  Sadly, the last count isn’t indictable.

I don’t know about you but I find this story to be a very hopeful one.

Over at the Left Coaster eRiposte has taken off laying waste to the ill-informed and written the post that I’ve been waiting for — his anaysis of the newly released INR memos.  As he notes, the Sun’s interpretation is downright weird and appears to have come straight from Barbara Comstock:  because every paragraph on the document was stamped "secret," how was Libby to know that Valerie Wilson’s CIA affiliation was any more secret than the rest of the document?  (or something).  As the premier Niger uranium document historian in the blogosphere his latest is a must-read for those looking to fit the revelations from these documents into the larger story.  And over at The Next Hurrah, emptywheel takes her hand to speculating about the heavily redacted portions of the documents where the real juicy bits probably still dwell behind the classification wall (more here).

It’s a regular Plameologist field day. 

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