Mormons in kaffiyehs

The Temple of Jupiter in Baalbak, Lebanon Posted by Picasa

I know that the Power Line boys like to ankle-nip at the New York Times because they have a corrections page, so I thought this was pretty funny:

Michael Totten is back in Kurdish northern Iraq and has filed his fifth post from there. It’s an excellent essay with lots of good pictures of “Kurdistan,” which Totten describes as the Utah of the Middle East. It’s great to get original and insightful reporting from someone outside the MSM. Michael is relying on contributions from readers to finance his trip, so please consider hitting his tip jar.

Sometime later…

UPDATE: A reader says that Totten has returned and is writing about his trip from the U.S.

That’s probably why it looks like Utah.

Hinderaker only subscribes to Totten Illustrated because of the annual Lebanon Freedom Babes Swimsuit issue.

(The above picture above is the Mormon Temple in La Jolla that sits right off of I-5. It is affectionately known in San Diego as Dracula’s Summer Home)

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