Seduced by the jungle rhythms

The latest in the “boys will be boys” defense in the Duke rape case comes from Gregory Kane:

The “exotic dancer” is black. The three men she accused are white. Many folks – of all races – might ask if a double standard isn’t at work in Durham. If three black football players at North Carolina Central had been accused of raping a white “exotic dancer,” would local officials have waited until the results of DNA tests before charging anyone?

It’s a good question, but the wrong one for the incident in Durham. A more appropriate one might be why a lacrosse team of 46 white players and one black one ended up with two black strippers dancing at a party. I don’t know much about Durham, having only driven through there twice on trips to Atlanta. But I’m sure there are white strippers in the town.

These guys chose two black women. But before black folks start talking about how, at the very least, Duke lacrosse players obviously don’t hold black women in very high esteem, we’d better ask ourselves where they got that notion. Could it have been from those black rap artists who feature black “exotic dancers” in their videos doing the same thing those two black women in Durham were probably doing at the lacrosse team’s party?

Respect for black women should start at home. Before we get angry at Duke lacrosse players who may only be guilty of excessive boozing and ogling, we should call into account Jay-Z and Ludacris and 50 Cent and fill-in-name-of-black-male-rapper-here for how black women are portrayed in their videos.

It is very simple; if you’re stupid enough to take your behavioral tips from 50 Cent, you’re too stupid to attend Duke. Gregory Kane gets to have it both ways; he can defend black womanhood while at the same time excusing poor simple white boys who should have spent the evening playing GTA: San Andreas before going on a harmless carjacking spree.

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