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Yank that football, Lucy…

Big yummy smackaroos to Glenn Greenwald for his post, Lucy, Charlie Brown & the Football, which is precisely what the Bush Administration and his supplicants in the MSM are doing in the drumbeat to make Iran the Next Big Imminent Threat to CivilizationTM.

Glenn nails it.

As amazing as it is, there is no question that exactly the same political segment which led us into the Iraq disaster really is in full-on, coordinated war-mongering mode with regard to Iran. What’s most startling about it is that they are not even attempting to do anything differently. It’s all exactly the same.

Thus, we have Weekly Standard and National Review prattling on about all sorts of scary stories showing that Iran is an uncontainable danger (invariably as a result of hostile overtures towards Israel, but that doesn’t seem to matter, just like it didn’t last time); we have New Republic publishing a cover story, complete with all-too-familiar cartoons showing demonic Iranian leaders, which enable people like Jonah Goldberg, on simplistic script, to recite: “Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s the American right which is trying to “demonize” Ahmadinejad” (yes, what a revealing shock it is that even The New Republic has jumped on the War-Against-Iran craze); and all of the tough-guy bloggers are beating their chest in manly unison, proclaiming their bravery and strength to the world as they stand tall against the Hitlerian-Persian Threat.

But what is really most alarming — although, I know, it shouldn’t be surprising at all — is that the American media seems not just willing, but tongue-waggingly pleased, to be exploited and used again, in the best tradition of Pravda, as the principal mechanism for venerating governmental claims as though they constitute “news,” without even pretending to subject those claims to the slightest bit of skepticism or scrutiny.

Why think of new ways to sell a potential war when they can trot out the old hoary scare tactics? They assume the American people are ignorant sheeple, well, they would be right most of the time. What cojones it takes, given the utter failure, deception (oh sh*t, flat-out lying) surrounding the Iraq debacle, with the body count (and costs) rising at a hair-raising rate, to toss out the same scare tactics to build support for another Bush adventure.

You’d think the Bushies and the conservative media machine could be more imaginative, or at least want to coast out the rest of the term so that they aren’t saddled with another military bungling as part of Dear Leader’s legacy.

Also, check out Glenn’s earlier post, Fighting all the Hitlers. This post is one of the most satisfyingly accurate I’ve ever read about the frightening clowns in leadership (another smoocharoo for you, Glenn):

To pro-Bush war supporters, the world is forever stuck in the 1930s. Every leader we don’t like is Adolph Hitler, a crazed and irrational lunatic who wants to dominate the world. Every country opposed to our interests is Nazi Germany.

…We were led into invading Iraq by a group of people who are as bloodthirsty as they are historically ignorant. They are stuck in a childish and stunted mental prison where every event, every conflict, every choice is to be seen exclusively through the prism of a single historical event, an event which – for a variety of reasons, some intellectual, some cultural, some psychological – is the only one that has any resonance for them. Even as we are still mired in their last failed war, they are attempting to impose these stunted historical distortions to lead us into a new one.

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Pam Spaulding