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White House Easter Egg Roll pictures

Blender Steve (below), who went to the event, graciously sent these photos in…

It wouldn’t be the Blend without featuring the best and brightest of bigot wingnutteria standing outside the Easter Egg Roll with these offensive signs (click to enlarge):

Some of the simpleton bullsh*t: “Attention Sodomites: Your behavior is a gross abomination! Not a “genetic trait” Read the bible for details.” Family values, right on display for children to see.


D.C.-based photographer Joe Tresh was at the Egg Roll as well, and has some fabulous pictures over at this pad. Below are a few.

Mike Wilson and Kennji Kizuka, from Washington, D.C., brought 21-month old Auden to his first White House Egg Roll.

Go see the rest of the fun shots, including a picture of Alberto “Torture” Gonzales, reading “Tomas and the Library Lady” to children. Not kidding.


Terrance of The Republic of T has video up as well.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding