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Where's the Empty Wig?

I’m completely disappointed by Time Magazine’s 10 Best and 5 Worst Senators list. The Tool landed in the top 10, for goodness sake.

You absolutely cannot have a Worst list without my senator, the Empty Wig Elizabeth Dole on it. But here are the magazine’s picks…

The Best:

Thad Cochran
Kent Conrad
Dick Durbin
Ted Kennedy
Jon Kyl
Carl Levin
Richard Lugar
John McCain
Olympia J. Snowe
Arlen Specter

The Worst:

Daniel Akaka
Wayne Allard
Jim Bunning
Conrad Burns
Mark Dayton

If you want to get an idea of what actual citizens think of their senators, check out Survey USA’s rankings, taken in March:

Top 10
1 ND Conrad, Kent
2 HI Inouye, Daniel
2 ME Collins, Susan
4 NE Nelson, Ben
5 ME Snowe, Olympia
6 RI Reed, Jack
6 IL Obama, Barack
6 SD Johnson, Tim
9 VT Leahy, Patrick
10 MS Lott, Trent

Bottom 5
96 OH Voinovich, George
97 FL Martinez, Mel
98 PA Santorum, Rick
99 KY Bunning, Jim
100 MT Burns, Conrad

Hat tip, Facing South and Shakes Sis

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