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Texas elementary school principal caught in sex sting

More family values in action, this time in Bush Country. Here’s the tale of (former) elementary school principal (and Baptist deacon) Doak Lamb, who was caught with his pants down at Beaumont’s Tyrrell Park last week. (The Port Arthur News):

Beaumont Police Department Vice and Narcotics Unit conducted a surveillance and sting operation at the park after having received numerous complaints from individuals, as well as parents, about men in the park approaching them and asking for sexual favors. These men also exposed their genitals to some of the complainants.

According to the BPD, undercover officers were approached by a variety of men, including Lamb, who asked for sexual favors. The undercover officers had contact with approximately 15 men. Of those, seven were arrested for indecent exposure and two for traffic charges. The other contacts became suspicious that the undercover officers may have been police and conversations were terminated.

One of the men arrested with Lamb was a manager at the Chuck-E-Cheese store. There have to be plenty of jokes out there from you all on that one.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding