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Spending all her money isn't working

It should be lights out for the Senate campaign of boobie-swinging Katherine Harris soon.

The Florida Senate seat held by Bill Nelson (D) was once seen as a pick-up opportunity for the GOP. Now, however, the imploding campaign of Katherine Harris has Nelson counting down the days until May 12. That’s the deadline for some other candidate to file and challenge Harris in the Republican Primary.

…Numbers like these have even caused the state’s top-ranked Republican, Governor Jeb Bush, to express concern over the state of the Harris campaign. Over the past month, every senior member of the Harris campaign resigned.

Just a reminder, Katherine Harris said this to Sean Hannity on 3/15:

Let me tell you what the truth is. I’m staying. I’m in this race. I’m going to win. And let me tell you how. I’m going to put EVERYTHING on the line. Everything, not just my future and my reputation, my father’s name. I’m gonna take his legacy…”

Her flopsweat campaign (or what’s left of it) later said she really didn’t mean she was going to spend all the cash daddy left her.

Harris’s boobage got more attention from patrons than her message when she campaigned at a restaurant near Kissimmee on April Fool’s Day. Photo: Ed Sackett/Orlando Sentinel

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding